BlueSCSI v1 Firmware Upgrade


Update your BlueSCSI v1 to the latest version of the firmware.

Note: This is only useful if you’ve purchased it before April 11th, 2022. If your BlueSCSI v1 firmware contains -USB in its name, you probably do not need this.

See below for more information.

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The firmware version can be found on the VERSION line of the log file that BlueSCSI v1 keeps on the microSD card.

If your BlueSCSI v1 firmware is 20220411 or later, you can update it through USB and you probably do not need this.

If it’s older, you will need to own an ST-Link and go through a fairly risky procedure to do so. We can do this for you and update it to the latest firmware (and make it updatable via USB in the process).

You will mail your BlueSCSI v1 to us, we will do the procedure for you and mail it back. A detailed procedure will be provided after purchase.