BlueSCSI v2 Desktop

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To be used internally with a 50-pin SCSI cable.

Comes either fully assembled, or as a kit containing either a Raspberry Pi Pico or not (you’ll have to supply your own, as well as headers for it).

In the kits, the SMD parts come already soldered. All you have left to solder are the header pins, the Berg connector and the SCSI connector. These are through-hole parts, and it’s fairly easy to do if you have some soldering practice.

You can also select whether you prefer right-angle 50-pin and Berg connectors (placed like they would be on a vintage hard drive – this is the most common choice), or straight connectors (with the pins facing upwards from the board).

You can also get a 3D-printed tray in the colour of your choice. Note that these are early 3D models. They are functional, but better models will be made available by the community in the coming month.

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Fully Assembled, Kit with Pico, Kit without Pico

Connector Orientation

Right Angle, Straight

Tray Colour

Blue, Black, Platinum, No Tray