SCSI Rider

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Get you Desktop BlueSCSI v1 (and only v1! v2 is too large to accommodate it) to ride the internal connector!

You can purchase it either fully assembled, or in a kit containing the parts. Note that the parts are all Surface-Mount Devices so you’ll have to be familiar with SMD soldering.

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SCSI Rider lets your BlueSCSI v1 ride on top of the 50-pin connector inside your classic Mac. This means no more cable, and easier access to the SD card slot.

SCSI Rider was designed by Kero’s Mac Mods and we’re really proud to have been granted the authorization to distribute it in Europe.

More information can be found in this blog post.

It has been successfully tested in a Mac SE/30 and a Macintosh IIci.

Note: SCSI Rider is designed for the older BlueSCSI v1. It will work with BlueSCSI v2, but due to its much larger size, you will most likely not be able to close the case of your computer.

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