BlueSCSI v2 Centronics

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To be connected externally to a Centronics-50 SCSI-1 connector. These were generally found at the back of daisy-chainable devices like an external hard drive or a CD-ROM drive, or at the back of computers like the X68000.

This model features a jumper to turn SCSI termination on or off.

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Fully Assembled Version

The fully assembled version comes fully tested and ready to use. Just provide a microSD card.

Kit Version

In the kit version, the SMD parts come already soldered. All you have left to solder are the header pins and the SCSI connector. These are through-hole parts, and it’s fairly easy to do if you have some soldering practice.

You may also exclude the Raspberry Pi Pico completely, in which case you’ll have to supply your own, as well as headers for it.

Pico Type

You have a choice of either a traditional Raspberry Pi Pico, or a Raspberry Pi Pico W (wireless).

The wireless version is needed to take advantage of the DaynaPORT Wifi feature, currently in beta:

The Pico will be flashed with the latest version of the firmware at the time of ordering.

Printed Case

You can also get a 3D-printed case in the colour of your choice. Note that these are early 3D models. They are functional, but better models will be made available by the community in the coming month.


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More details can be found in the FAQ.

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Fully Assembled, Kit

Pico Type

Regular Pico, Pico Wireless (Pico W), No Pico

Case Colour

Black, Blue, Platinum, No Case