Macintosh Portable Adapter For BlueSCSI v2

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An adapter designed by Androda that lets you use a BlueSCSI Desktop v2 in a Macintosh Portable.

It converts the 34-pin connector of the Portable into the 50-pin connector of the BlueSCSI v2 Desktop.

BlueSCSI v2 not included.

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The Macintosh Portable has a strange 34-pin SCSI cable that makes it incompatible with most SCSI solutions. This adapter solves the issue by converting its 34-pin connector into the regular 50-pin connector of the BlueSCSI v2.

Fully Assembled Version

The fully assembled version comes fully tested and ready to use. A 20 cm 34-pin ribbon cable is included. Just plug it in your BlueSCSI v2 (not included) and your Macintosh Portable (not included either) and you’re good to go.

Kit Version

The kit version contains:

  • The Adapter PCB
  • The 2 connectors (50-pin and 34-pin)
  • The 34-pin ribbon cable


You may also include a tray (in the colour of your choosing) designed to hold the BlueSCSI v2 and the Mac Portable Adapter together.

Note that this tray is to be used instead of the regular BlueSCSI v2 tray. If you’re ordering a BlueSCSI v2 Desktop in addition to the Portable Adapter, you will not need a tray for the Desktop.


1. Remove the old hard drive and sled
2. Install the 34 pin cable to the Macintosh Portable motherboard. The red stripe must be on the left, like this:

3. Insert the adapter directly to the SCSI port of the BlueSCSI device, keeping the polarization notch in the middle
4. Remove the old mounting tray and install the new one to BlueSCSI
5. Install the updated tray and BlueSCSI with Adapter into the Macintosh Portable drive Sled
6. Install the drive sled
7. Plug in the other end of the 34 pin cable to BlueSCSI
8. Use to generate the Mac Plus INI file and put it at the root of your SD card
9. Set up your image as desired and boot

Important Note

The Macintosh Portable needs the “Mac Plus INI File” to work with BlueSCSI V2.

Go to, click on “Mac Plus”, then download that INI file and put it at the root level of your SD card.


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Sold with permission from Androda

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