BlueSCSI v2 Desktop

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To be used internally with a 50-pin SCSI cable, typically to replace the SCSI hard drive of an older computer (like a Macintosh).

This model has configurable SCSI termination through a jumper, and an LED pin to connect an existing hard drive activity LED.

It also features Initiator Mode, which lets BlueSCSI communicate directly with other SCSI devices, without the need for a host (like a computer). Very useful to create direct copies of existing SCSI hard drives!

We are selling revision 2023_10a of the hardware.

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Fully Assembled Version

The fully assembled version comes fully tested and ready to use. Just provide an SD card.

Kit Version

In the kit version, the SMD parts come already soldered. All you have left to solder are the header pins and the SCSI connector. These are through-hole parts, and it’s fairly easy to do if you have some soldering practice.

You may also exclude the Raspberry Pi Pico completely, in which case you’ll have to supply your own, as well as headers for it.

Pico Type

You have a choice of either a traditional Raspberry Pi Pico, or a Raspberry Pi Pico W (wireless).

The wireless version is needed to take advantage of the DaynaPORT Wifi feature:

Note: the Desktop version of BlueSCSI is typically used internally, inside a casing that shields its contents from the outside world, including radio signals. This means that the Pico W might have a hard time communicating over Wi-Fi over medium to long distances.

The Pico will be flashed with the latest version of the firmware at the time of ordering.

Printed Tray

You may choose to add a 3D-printed tray to your BlueSCSI Desktop. There are two kinds:

  • The regular tray, available in Blue, Black and Platinum. If you select a random colour, your tray may be in one of the three colours, but could very well be something a little crazier (orange? green? who knows?)
Desktop v2 Regular tray - Top
The regular BlueSCSI v2 Desktop tray from the top
Desktop v2 Regular tray - Bottom
The regular BlueSCSI v2 Desktop tray from the bottom


Desktop v2 Heavy Duty tray - Top
The BlueSCSI v2 Desktop designed by PotatoFi from the top
Desktop v2 Heavy Duty tray - Bottom
The BlueSCSI v2 Desktop designed by PotatoFi from the bottom



We ship from Belgium to all continental European countries, and all countries of the European Union. In nearly all cases, your order will be mailed as a letter, free of custom fees.

More details can be found in the FAQ.

Additional information


Fully Assembled, Kit

Pico Type

Regular Pico, Pico Wireless (Pico W), No Pico

Tray Colour

Blue, Black, Platinum, Random, PotatoFi Version – Blue, No Tray